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When you mention “internship” to a group of people, they react differently based either on their understanding of what it is, personal experience or hearsay.  Those who have been through an internship and learned from experience speak highly of it. While they are those who feel they were exploited while on placement have negative feelings towards it.

Could the negative experiences be from the failure to understand what an internship is an what it is meant to entail? It could be.

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What’s your personality or why do you like to do things in a certain way, and find other people odd when they do not seem to react to things the same way you?

It comes down to your personality. this is where you hear people say, “am wired this way or that way” It is the differentiating fact – your personality…..it may not be a clear cut one or the other, but you can also be a combination of two different types of personalities, though one tends to stand out more.

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We spend a good chunk of our life working. It is a fact, if you are already working, you spend more time at the work place than with your family. And if you are just starting out either in college or job hunting, this is one fact of life you have to contend with.

This, by the way, is not limited to those in employment only; even those of us running our own businesses. Actually we spend most of our time working than when we were in employment. Am sure all business people will attest to this.

Let me bring this closer home……Think of that kiosk in your neighborhood, how early does it open and how late is it closed? The owner has a family, surely how much time does he or she spend with them?

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